Self Regulation Game to Develop Coping Strategies - Social Emotional Workshop

Self Regulation Game to Develop Coping Strategies

  • $4.00

Play this school counseling game with students to practice identifying triggering situations and helpful strategies. Additional materials are included that will guide students to create a plan to handle overwhelming situations with positive coping skills. This will make learning emotion regulation skills engaging and fun!

What You Get

  • Game Directions
  • 36 Game Cards and 8 Blank Cards to add relevant student scenarios.
  • Additional Game Pieces: Game Spinner, Game Intro Card, Game Board
  • List of Possible Triggers: people, places, tasks, sensations, feelings, thoughts, events
  • Student Triggers Survey
  • How to Use Strategies Guide
  • Strategy Cards for students to identify coping strategies that are helpful for them
  • Make Your Own Strategy Card
  • My Bait Student Card with their triggers and matching strategies.


This resource is perfect for school counselors, school psychologists, special education teachers, or other educators working on emotional regulation skills. Best to use with a small group or individual student in 2nd to 4th grade.