Self Regulation Small Group | Lessons, Activities, + Games

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Self Regulation helps students understand their feelings and know how to manage them so they are ready to learn and can develop healthy relationships. This curriculum easily complements other self-regulation materials and programs. The lessons and games cover coping skills, emotional awareness, problem solving, goal setting, assertive communication, and behavior change.

7/2020: Updated Lessons 1-4 and Steer Your Ship game

Small Group Materials

  • Editable Parent Brochure on Self-Regulation
  • Check-In Card for Big Feelings - Cup Pass
  • Skill Checklists - SEL Standards related to Self-Regulation
  • Small Group and Individual Positive Behavior Pans
  • Teacher & Parent Communication Sheet
  • Self Regulation Strategy Sheet

Small Group Self Regulation Lessons

  • Gone Fishing: Learning About Feelings
  • Ocean Forecast: Understanding Big and Small Feelings
  • Chain Reactions: Understanding Behavior
  • Life Savers: Coping Strategies
  • Charting a New Course: Changing Behavior
  • Assertive Sailors: Assertive Communication and I-Messages
  • We've Got a Problem: Conflict Resolution

Small Group Self Regulation Games

  • Steer Your Ship
  • Don't Take the Bait
  • Shipwrecked