Calm Corner Printables for the Classroom or Home

  • $7.00

A Calm Down Corner is a great behavior management tool for the classroom or home. Children benefit from a calm space that they can go to for a brief time to use strategies to manage and control their emotions. It serves as a teachable moment and a way to model effective self-regulation strategies. This resource makes the process interactive and hands-on for children. 

Multiple variations are provided so you can customize the calm corner for your needs. This resource is designed to be interactive and lead students through the calm down process. Your calm corner can also be static posters or portable cards on a key ring. 

What's Included?

Procedures for Teaching Students about the Break Spot

  • How to go to the break spot.
  • What to do in the break spot.
  • How to use different calming strategies
  • How to know when you are ready to return.
  • How to rejoin the group.
  • What to do when someone is in the break spot.

Calm Down Area Posters

  • 15 Different Signs. Do you call it something different than Break Spot or Calm Corner? Based on customer feedback, 15 sign variations are included. Take a break spot, break spot, safe spot, calm down spot, calm down corner, cool down corner, calming corner, calm corner, quiet corner, cozy corner, cozy cubes, calm down zone, cool down zone, chill zone, zen zone, regulation station.
  • Calm Down Steps for Students in the Break Spot. This poster can be printed on 1 page, smaller, or across two pages for a larger format.
  • Feelings Poster. 27 different feelings with different size poster options.
  • Calming Strategy Poster with 15 different calming strategies.

Additional Materials

  • Social Narrative Booklet for students to review how to use the break spot.
  • 15 Calming Strategy posters. These can also be printed as cards.
  • 27 Feelings Cards for students.
  • Suggestions for break spot materials, such as pillows and fidgets.
  • Components provided in color, black and white, portrait format, and simplified versions for younger students.

Who Should Buy This?

The Calm Down Corner is ideal for classroom teachers and special education teachers in elementary school. It can also be used by school psychologists, school counselors, and school social workers in their classrooms or offices too.