Small Group SEL Lesson - Size of Feelings

  • $2.50

A small group or individual counseling lesson. Students go beyond simple feelings, such as angry, to bothered, annoyed, frustrated, or furious. They learn that some of these emotions are bigger and some are smaller. Some are heavy and some are light. They notice how their body feels or the thoughts they have with certain emotions. Finally, they are introduced to using strategies to help manage those big, heavy feelings.

This lesson is full of many concepts and likely will take two sessions depending on the time you have allowed, the skills of your students, and how new the concepts are for them.

SEL Objective: Students will understand the size of their feelings and events that might cause big and small feelings.

What's Included?

  • Lesson (I Do, We Do, You Do Format)
  • Ocean Forecast Worksheets (Feelings & Strategies)
  • Possible Strategies Grid
  • 18 Strategy Cards + 6 Blank Cards
  • More Strategies List
  • Ocean Report Rubric
  • My Ocean Guide Booklet
  • Exit Tickets
  • Ocean Forecast Full Page Posters

* all materials also in BW.

Consider breaking this into two lessons. In the first session, focus on understanding feelings come in different sizes and you can use strategies for those big, heavy feelings. During the second session, bring it all together to connect feelings with thoughts and actions as well as strategies.