Small Group SEL Lesson: Learning to Change Your Behavior

  • $2.50

Self-Regulation focuses on managing our emotions and behavior so we can make positive choices. Students are much more likely to use learned strategies and make changes in their behavior if they predict the challenges they will experience and make a plan to manage them. Through character stories with familiar problems, students will spot where situations get worse and help a character make a plan to change. They will then do the same for themselves.

What's Included?

  • Lesson Plan
  • Ocean Maps: Blank Map (Color & BW), Rough Seas, New Path
  • Intro Character Story
  • 5 Character Stories for Guided Practice
  • Course Changer Cards
  • Chart My New Path
  • Exit Slips

SEL Objectives

  • K-2: Explains positive and negative consequences for choices and actions.
  • 3-5: Recognizes how emotions are linked to behaviors and consequences.