Small Group SEL Lesson: Learning How to Change Your Behavior

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This lesson helps students understand the connection between an event and our thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, and consequences. They learn that a change in any of these can break the pattern of negative behaviors. Students use a hands-on activity to add strategies to see how they can change things. Perfect for small groups learning about managing their feelings and behaviors.

SEL Objectives

  • Recognizes that thoughts are linked to emotions and behaviors.
  • Identifies physical symptoms and thoughts related to emotions.
  • Identifies own uncomfortable emotions and determines need for coping skills.
  • Recognizes how emotions are linked to behavior and consequences.

Students will understand the sequence that leads to problem behavior and identify ways to change it.

What's Included?

  • Lesson Plan
  • Chain Reaction Worksheet
  • Link Activity Materials: Links for triggers, physical feelings, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, consequences, and strategies.
  • Strategy Cards
    • 19 Funny Picture Cards
    • 15 Carton Cards
  • Breaking a Chain Reaction Worksheets