Social Emotional Learning Activities for February

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Easy to use social-emotional learning activities for Valentine's Day or February in small groups. Activities will have students working on their self-awareness, coping skills, responsive listening, helping, and standing up for others.

The activities cover each of the five Social Emotional Learning Competencies, and SEL standards are provided to help you connect to other activities.

What You Get

My Heart Puzzle: Improve self-awareness with students by exploring who is in their support system. Who are the people they can count on

Coping Coloring & Coping Skills Bookmark: Introduce coping skills to elementary students by explaining that we can use strategies to manage our emotions. A coloring page and a coping strategy bookmark are included. The coloring page can provide a practice opportunity for students to focus and push negative feelings and thoughts to the side. The coping strategy bookmark can carry over as a reminder in the classroom.

Helping Hands: Brainstorm with students different helpful acts they can complete in the classroom, school, or community. Students write these down on the helping hands. This can make a great bulletin board.

Heart Chats: Group activity or ice breaker game. 27 Heart Chat cards are included, as well as 9 blank cards to add questions. Heart Chat box is included to store the cards.

Broken Heart Repair: For this activity, students pick up a Broken Heart card with a scenario of a peer or themselves being hurt. Students then brainstorm ways they could help or “fix” a broken heart.


This resource is perfect for teachers, counselors, or SLPs looking for holiday-themed social-emotional learning lessons. Activities are perfect for February lessons with first through third grade.