18 Feelings and Emotions Posters with Body Language and Facial Expressions

  • $4.00

Social-emotional learning begins with children understanding and identifying how they feel. These 18 feelings posters help students see how body language and facial expressions are different for different emotions. These are great to have displayed in your classroom or used in SEL lessons.


  • 18 Feelings Posters showing body language and facial expressions.
  • Posters are in Color and BW.
  • Printing Options: 1 poster per page or 4 posters to a page. 4 to a page can be put on a key ring or added to a reference deck.
  • Feelings Included: Happy, Angry, Surprised, Sad, Proud, Scared, Worried, Bored, Confused, Curious, Shy, Embarrassed, Excited, Annoyed, Frustrated, Disappointed, Calm, Lonely.

Is This for Me?

This resource is great for classroom teachers, school counselors, speech and language pathologists, and special education teachers. Perfect for displays or direct lessons.

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