Counseling Game for Self Regulation & Social Skills | Helper Squad Series Media Social Emotional Workshop
Counseling Game for Self Regulation & Social Skills | Helper Squad Series Media Social Emotional Workshop
Counseling Game for Self Regulation & Social Skills | Helper Squad Series Media Social Emotional Workshop
Counseling Game for Self Regulation & Social Skills | Helper Squad Series Media Social Emotional Workshop

Counseling Game for Self Regulation & Social Skills | Helper Squad Series

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This elementary counseling game is designed to practice self regulation and social skills with engaging characters. While playing the game, students will focus on identifying feelings, practicing calming strategies, using positive self talk, setting goals, understanding others, and resolving conflicts.

The Helper Squad characters each represent different social emotional skills that help students navigate common challenges. The game encourages discussions about real-life situations, fostering an understanding of self, others, and healthy relationships. With 152 game cards, you can use this game again and again. 


152 Game Cards in Color and Blackline

  • 24 cards for each Helper Squad character
  • 8 Squad Cards where everyone answers

Color Game Board

Helper Squad Dice

Comprehensive Tips for Counselors

Helper Squad Posters and Cards

View the Preview above to see the resource in detail. 

How to Use

Whether used in small group settings or with individual students, this resource brings CBT principles into your counseling sessions in a practical, tangible way. Perfect for school counselors, social workers, and psychologists working with 2nd to 5th grade students on self-regulation and social skills.

You can use the cards with the included game board, or grab your favorite store bought game. The cards have colors and numbers so they can be easily used with most games already on your shelf.




  • Grade Levels: 2nd through 5th-grade students
  • Format: Color and blackline
  • Durability: Print on cardstock and use again and again
  • Group Size: Great for 2-4 players
  • Users: Elementary school counselors, social workers, and psychologists, plus SLPs and Sped teachers working on social skills and self-regulation
  • Setting: Individual and small group sessions



Working with students who struggle with interactions with others is difficult. Finding resources for that work is even more so. This is great because there are scenarios that can start conversations about how people should react and why someone might react differently! Thank you so much. - Kelly B.

I love the images and the way the ideas are laid out here. I feel it is a great way to introduce CBT topics to students. I used the characters as posters in my room and refer to them a lot. - Paula H.

Love using this game to help teach children about CBT therapy skills and how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors connect. Cute illustrations and easy for kids to understand. - Jennifer O.


About The Helper Squad
Feelings Forecaster: He champions emotional intelligence, guiding students in recognizing and understanding their feelings. His mission is to show students that all feelings are okay. In addition, he wants students to be familiar with their triggers to empower them to deal with strong emotions.

Doctor Positive: Her mission is to help students spot negative thinking, understand how thoughts influence feelings and actions, and use positivity as a powerful tool.

Coping Captain: He is the advocate for resilience and emotional regulation. He provides tools for students to manage big feelings, identify their support system, and stay calm in challenging situations.

Goal Gardener: She is the mentor for ambition and persistence. Her role is to inspire students to turn wishes into plans, overcome obstacles, and celebrate success.

Impact Inspector: She is the ambassador of empathy and perspective-taking. Her mission is to encourage students to think about the feelings and viewpoints of others and to understand the impact of their behavior.

Fantastic Fix-It: He is the engineer of reconciliation and responsible decision-making. He's here to help students understand others' feelings, brainstorm problem solutions, and learn how to apologize effectively. 

Resource Updates

06/2023 - New Characters and Complete Resource Revision

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