The Dot by Peter Reynolds Activities for Social Emotional Learning Read Aloud

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Interactive read alouds are a perfect way to address social emotional learning in the classroom. The Dot by Peter Reynolds is a wonderful book focused on showing persistence, believing in yourself, and supporting each other. It’s a great way to begin introducing a growth mindset and the power of trying something new.

The materials provided include, a 3-step lesson plan, read aloud comprehension questions, student activities, and positive self-talk cards. See the preview for more detail.

** The Book, The Dot, is necessary for this resource. **

What's Included

  • 3-Step Read Aloud Lesson Plan for The Dot with corresponding student activities.
  • Sticky Note Comprehension Questions (with printing directions) and a 1-pg sheet of questions and vocabulary.
  • Stop & Jot Student Cards
  • Story Summary Sheet with Example
  • Student Worksheets: Well, Maybe I Can’t. Vashti’s Supports, Supports in My Life
  • Positive Self-Talk Cards
  • Student Quote Card

Social Emotional Learning Standards

  1. Names the emotions felt by characters in stories.
  2. Describes a time you felt the same way a story character felt.
  3. Names activities or tasks one does well.
  4. Names activities or tasks one may need help to improve.
  5. Identifies how one helps others.
  6. Identifies how others within one’s school, home, and community are helpful.

Who Should Buy This

This resource is for classroom teachers, school counselors, or other school staff looking to integrate social-emotional learning into the classroom. The book is required to use this resource.