Setting Goals & Monitoring Goals for Individual Student Progress

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Goal Setting is an important social-emotional skill that even young students can learn with support. Setting goals that are SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based) can be challenging. It is helpful for students to learn how to set and monitor their own goals. This football-themed resource visually shows their progress on their goals as their football moves down the field to the end zone. It is a simple way to track student progress, keep them motivated, and teach them the importance of setting individual goals.

The amazing thing about teaching students to set goals is that you are teaching skills, implementing an intervention, and collecting data all at the same time!

What You Get

  • How to Set Goals Quick Guide
  • Goals Board: Football Theme: Student Tokens - Football Players, Football Field for file folder, Football Tokens
  • Student Playbook - Plans for how to achieve goals
  • Football Goal Sheet
  • Football Token Chart
  • Desk Reminders
  • Goal Communication Cards
  • Goal Scorecards
  • Review, Reflect, Recognize Sheet

Who Should Buy This

This resource is ideal for school counselors, school psychologists, and special education teachers. It can definitely be used by classroom teachers depending on their time available to set individual goals with students.

This resource is made to be flexible for individual students, small groups, or classrooms. The original use was individual student goal folders. Regardless of how you choose to use the materials, students respond well to the football theme for academic and behavior goals.