SEL Activity and Bulletin Board: Student Strengths and Areas for Growth

  • $3.00

Simple student activity to help explore ways students' areas of strength and areas for improvement

Their student work is easily turned into a beautiful bulletin board using the provided printables. It is also a daily visual reference that we are all continuing to grow and improve, and as a class, we all have different strengths.

Options are available to also explore tools that can help them grow and obstacles that might be in their ways.

What You Get

  1. Teacher Guide and Assembly Directions
  2. Ways We Grow Activity Sheets
  3. Student Reference Chart and Brainstorm Sheet
  4. Student Writing Background
  5. Black & White Bulletin Board Letters
  6. Bulletin Board Title Page.
  7. Bulletin Board Visuals (Suns, Flower Pots, Watering Cans, and Clouds)

Who Should Buy This?

Perfect for students in kindergarten through second grade, and easily adaptable for older students. Easily fits in with other lessons teaching a growth mindset and goal setting.

Great for classroom teachers, school counselors, or any staff looking to incorporate SEL into the classroom.