Positive Thinking Game for Small Group School Counseling

  • $2.50

Students who struggle with negative thinking benefit from engaging, fun ways to practice positive thinking habits. Games like this one help build up a student’s feelings of worth as well as belief in their competence.

This game provides students with practice opportunities to identify negative and positive thoughts, change negative thoughts to positive ones, manage negative thoughts, and use positive thinking strategies.

What You Get

  • Game Directions and Game Intro Card

  • 36 Game Cards and 8 Blank Cards to customize with your own situations.

  • Game Board

  • Student Strategy Card


This resource is perfect for school counselors, psychologists, and social workers seeing students individually or in groups. It can easily be used by classroom teacher or special education teachers looking for new ways to support students struggling with negative thinking.

This game is best for students in second through fourth grade, but could be used with first and fifth with modifications. Prior exposure to negative and positive thinking lessons is best.