In My Heart Read Aloud with Feelings Activities

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Interactive read alouds are a perfect way to address social emotional learning in the classroom. In My Heart by Jo Witek is a wonderful book that shows children that we all have lots of different feelings and all those feelings are okay. The book provides creative examples of what each emotion feels like and opens up an opportunity for students to consider how they experience different feelings.

The materials provided include, a 3-step lesson plan, read aloud comprehension questions, two student activities and a student journal. See the images for more detail.

** The Book, In My Heart, is necessary for this resource. **

What You Get
  • 3-Step Read Aloud Lesson Plan for In My Heart with corresponding student activities.
  • Sticky Note Comprehension Questions (with printing directions) and a 1-pg sheet of questions and vocabulary.
  • Feelings House Activity - students make connections to their own feelings.
  • In My Heart Booklet - students come up with creative ways to describe their feelings like in the book.
  • Student Journal - Students reflect on when they feel certain ways, what it feels like and what it looks like.

Social Emotional Learning Standards

  • Recognizes and accurately names feelings.
  • Identifies and communicates a feeling.
  • Identifies feelings related to situations/events.

Who Should Buy This

This resource is for classroom teachers, school counselors, or other school staff looking to integrate social emotional learning into the classroom. The book is required to use this resource.