Friendship Skills and Conflict Resolution Activities for Christmas - Social Emotional Workshop

Friendship Skills and Conflict Resolution Activities for Christmas

  • $5.50

Six kid-friendly social skills activities focused on developing the relationship skills needed to be a good friend, resolve conflicts, and understand other people’s perspectives. The engaging holiday theme will keep the interest of younger students and provide a supplement to your lessons during the holiday season. 

What You Get


    • Reindeer Games - Printable board game for friendship skills and conflict resolution
    • Creating I-Messages with Dasher
    • Reindeer Emotion Matching
    • Reindeer Friends Mini-Book
    • What Makes a Good Reindeer Friend Worksheet
    • “My Friend Is” Worksheet
    • Reindeer Super Friend Poster
    • Reindeer Friends Problem Solving Posters
    • Supplemental Materials: Certificates, Behavior Cards, Session Templates

    SEL Goals

    • taking turns
    • playing fairly
    • exhibiting good sportsmanship
    • sharing with others
    • identifying relationships with others
    • listing traits of a valued friend
    • discussing how to be a good friend
    • identifying feelings in a conflict
    • using I-Messages
    • stating the problem in a conflict
    • understanding how being left out may feel


    Great for first and second-grade students. K or third grade students could use it as well depending on student skill level and need.

    Classroom teachers, counselors, SLPs, and special education teachers will benefit from using this. Great for students that need further support with social skills, but can also easily integrate into a social-emotional curriculum.