Empathy Christmas Activities

  • $2.00

In this Christmas lesson and activities, students will work on building empathy and perspective taking skills by standing in someone else’s shoes. Activities focus on building student understanding that people feel, think, experience, and act differently in reaction to the same situations.

Students are provided with engaging characters, relatable situation cards, and a writing and drawing activity where they have to think about another person’s perspective and understand why.

This activity is perfect for small group counseling, classroom social-emotional learning lessons, and even for parents who want to work on empathy with their child.

What You Get

  • A 3-Step Lesson Plan for Perspective Taking and Empathy
  • Elf Character Posters
  • Student Stop & Jot Sheets for comprehension
  • Relatable Perspective Taking Situation Cards
  • How Would They Feel Cards & Example Situations
  • In An Elf’s Shoes Independent Perspective Taking Activity & Brainstorm Sheet
  • Student Perspective Taking Skill Progress Sheet


This resource is perfect for classroom teachers and school counselors looking to add more social emotional learning activities at Christmas.