Editable Behavior Punch Cards for Classroom Management

  • $4.00

Behavior punch cards are a great complement to positive classroom management. They can be used to recognize the positive behavior of individuals, small groups, and even a whole class. You can reward students for a good day, a good choice, or a specific behavior. Behavior Punch Cards let students focus on their own progress and provide you with a simple way to track.

What You Get

45 Different Punch Cards

  • All Year Cards (stars, emojis, balloons, hearts)
  • Holidays and Seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
  • Behaviors (Calm Body, In Line, Teamwork, Quiet Work, Raising Hand)
  • Subjects/Activities (Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, Computer, Writing, Math, Reading, Recess)


This resource is perfect for educators who need a simple way to recognize and track positive student behavior.