Digital Calm Corner for School or Home Distance Learning

  • $3.00

This is a digital calm down corner that students can use at home or in the classroom for distance learning. The virtual calming tool leads students through a step by step process to identify how they are feeling and strategies they can use to feel better.

What's Included?

  • Interactive Google Slides (TM) that lead students step by step through a simple calming process. First, students identify how they feel. Then they pick a strategy to try. They check back to see if that strategy helped or if they should try another one.
  • 18 Calming Strategies: Students choose strategies that work for them. Interactive features are included where applicable.
  • Printable PDF checklist of strategies for students to track which ones work for them.

Who should buy this?

This resource is great for teachers, parents, school counselors, and others who are engaged in distance learning or would like to incorporate technology. Ideal for students in elementary school.

Tech Requirements

This resource requires access to Google Slides (TM). 

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