Individual Behavior Charts and Behavior Intervention Plans
Individual Behavior Charts and Behavior Intervention Plans
Individual Behavior Charts and Behavior Intervention Plans
Individual Behavior Charts and Behavior Intervention Plans

Individual Behavior Charts and Behavior Intervention Plans

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Behavior Intervention Plans are a key behavior management tool to effectively support challenging students in the classroom. This resource helps you create a data-based plan that comprehensively focuses on improving student behavior through instruction, incentives, and whole-class modifications.

The resource is set up to guide you through the behavior plan creation and implementation process. There are a variety of plans included to meet the needs of any student.



  • 9 Different Behavior Plans in a variety of themes. (Editable behavior goals)
    • Behavior Bingo, Behavior Contract, Weekly Plans, Situation-Specific Plans, Daily Schedule Plans, Pride Points, Response Cost, Sticker Charts, and Punch Cards.
  • How To Guides for each behavior plan type - Each guide describes the behavior it can help address, how to implement it, and how to collect data.
  • Data Sheets for each behavior plan type.
  • Behavior Plan Development Worksheet & Checklist - This multi-page worksheet will guide you through developing a comprehensive behavior plan that considers the function of the behavior, classroom accommodations, skill instruction, staff roles, and behavior incentive plans.
  • Behavior Plan Pro Guides: Choose & Define Target Behaviors, Getting Students to Take Ownership, Common Mistakes, Set SMART Goals, Monitor and Change Goals, End a Behavior Plan, ABC Data Collection, Tips for Every Plan, Data Collection
  • Competing Pathways Form - determine what behaviors can serve as a replacement behavior while the student progresses towards expected behaviors.
  • What If Map - work through problem behaviors with the student by showing the effects of their choices.
  • Behavior Matrix - Helps the student understand what the target behaviors look like and what will receive reinforcement
  • Home-School Log - keep in contact with parents and keep them in the loop about student behavior and progress.
  • Reward Surveys for Older and Younger Students - Forced choice survey to help determine what kinds of rewards the student finds motivating
  • Reward Cards
  • Certificates, IOU Slips, Reward Slips
  • Student Support Plan Outline
  • Sample Excel Sheet for Data Entry

Made For

This resource is perfect for school psychologists, school counselors, or special education teachers who are responsible for creating behavior plans. This resource would also be incredibly useful for classroom teachers looking to improve their individual behavior interventions.


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