Anger Counseling Maps Social Emotional Workshop
Anger Counseling Maps Social Emotional Workshop
Anger Counseling Maps Social Emotional Workshop
Anger Counseling Maps Social Emotional Workshop

Anger Counseling Maps

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Streamline your individual counseling sessions with our Anger Counseling Map and Skills Checklist, tailored for school counselors, social workers, and psychologists. This comprehensive tool combines the structure of a curriculum map with the adaptability of a treatment plan, focusing on key skills like self-awareness, problem-solving, and conflict resolution, to efficiently address the unique needs of each student managing anger.

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Planning individual counseling sessions can be overwhelming. It can be hard to know where to start and where to go. This is where the Anger Counseling Map and Skills Checklist can help. 

Counseling maps are where a curriculum map meets a treatment plan. They give you a guide of the skills that need to be taught, just like a curriculum map, but with the flexibility to individualize like a treatment plan. This saves you time by not reinventing the wheel for each student but being responsive to their specific needs.

This particular counseling map is designed for anger management. Specific skills are often lagging or missing for students who struggle to manage their anger. The checklist and map cover psychoeducation about anger, self-awareness, self-management, problem-solving, assertive communication, and conflict resolution. 

What's Included?

Counseling Map for Anger

A sequence of 18 possible sessions covering common missing skills. Each session follows a modular format with a check-in, warm up, lesson/activity, cool down, and exit ticket.

The map you create for a specific student would be only the sessions the student needs.

Anger Skills Checklists

Skill Domains: Psychoeducation about anger, self-awareness, self-management, problem solving, assertive communication, and conflict resolution.

Why Counseling Maps?

Students recommended for individual school counseling have unique needs, and you don't have the time to plan for each one—not in a thoughtful way that connects each session. It's that simple unless you want to give up other parts of your program.

So we refer out. We have less-than-great collaboration with an outside therapist. The student still struggles, or we meet every week to chat. We are support that gets the student through but doesn't help them make progress as fast as possible.

You need a better system. You can be effective, data-driven, supportive, responsive, and save time. 


Are there counseling maps for other topics?

Check here for all the counseling maps that are currently available. If you have a suggestion for another topic, email me at

Are there activities included?

The counseling maps include ideas for activities you could use but do not include any direct student materials. You pick and plug in your favorite activities to address the skills.

Who is this for?

This resource is perfect for school counselors, social workers, and psychologists who see anxious elementary and middle students for individual counseling.

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I’ve been using these resources with my kindergartner. She’s been through a lot. And I’ve even shared the resources with her school and THEY LOVE IT.

Shannon Fleming

Anger Counseling Maps


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