Anger Triggers: Anger Management Activity and Craft

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Anger Triggers: Anger Management Activity and Craft Media Social Emotional Workshop

Anger Triggers: Anger Management Activity and Craft

SKU: 3032160

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  • Grades: 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • File Type: PDF
  • Pages: 14
  • Made for: Small Groups and Individual Counseling
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This is a great small group lesson for anger management. It helps students understand what triggers their anger. It takes students through scaffolded activities that support their awareness of the types of events that make them angry and provide them with examples of those events to promote discussion. The activities use a weather metaphor to engage students. Perfect for 2nd and 3rd grade and with individual or small groups. Can be modified for the first and fourth grade.

This product contains a facilitator guide, mini lesson, group activity, independent student activity, and exit slips.

What's Included?

  • Small-Group or Individual Lesson Plan
  • Storm Starter (Triggers) Poster
  • 48 Storm Starter Example Cards: student-friendly example of situations that might trigger angry feelings.
  • Storm Starter Histogram: group activity where students can see how they have some of the same and different triggers.
  • Storm Starter Craft: individual craft where students identify a type of situation that makes them angry and times that has happened.
  • Storm Starter Worksheet: simple worksheet to explore triggers and responses.
  • Exit Slips: collect data quickly on what students learned.

There may be more material included in this resource than what you would need for one small group lesson.

Who Should Buy This?

This resource is perfect for 1st through 4th grade students struggling with anger management. School counselors, psychologists, and other educators will find this a perfect place to start identifying triggers for anger.

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