CBT Activities for Individual Counseling: Connecting Thoughts and Feelings

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CBT activities and CBT worksheets are great short-term, effective tools for school counselors to use in individual or small group counseling.

This resource is a three-step session plan with printable CBT activities, worksheets, and a counseling craft to engage younger students

Students will:

  • learn to identify thoughts and feelings,
  • understand how thoughts and feelings are different,
  • understand how thoughts and feelings influence each other.

Thoughts and feelings are an abstract concept for younger students. These hands on school counseling activities make it concrete and easy to understand.

What You Get

  • 3-Step Counseling Session Plan
  • Introduction to Thoughts & Feelings: CBT Story, Student Visual, and Student Response Slips
  • Guided Activity: Negative and Positive Thought Sorting Activity. Students recognize how a negative or positive thought will change how they feel.
    • 12 scenario cards, 12 positive thought and 12 negative thought cards
    • Negative/Positive Thinking Visual
  • Independent Activity: Thoughts & Feelings Flower Activity. Students connect how their thinking about a situation leads to feelings and actions.

Who Should Buy This

This resource is ideal for school psychologists, school counselors, school social workers or other mental health professionals who are using CBT with younger students.