Positive Affirmation Cards for Positive Thinking and Healthy Self-Esteem

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This set of 48 positive affirmation cards (in color and BW) are perfect for helping students develop positive thinking habits, a healthy self-esteem, and a persistent attitude. These are great for students who struggle with confidence and negative thinking, but can also be used as part of a positive classroom culture.

A healthy self-esteem is based on a person’s belief in not only their worth but also their competence. They see themselves as valuable and competent. Teachers, counselors, and parents can give these to students as a reminder of their worth and competence.

Perfect to use in conjunction with growth mindset or self-esteem activities, as well as more in-depth positive thinking resources like the ones below.

What You Get

  • 48 Positive Affirmation Cards - Color & BW
  • 6 Blank Positive Affirmation Cards in Color and BW