Bundle - Helper Squad Games

Bundle - Helper Squad Games

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Helper Squad Game Bundle Media Social Emotional Workshop
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Three cognitive behavioral therapy games for small group counseling designed to help elementary students practice identifying triggers, challenging negative thoughts, using coping skills, and understanding the impact of their behavior. This bundle includes the original game, the worry game, and the anger game.

This is a bundle of 3 CBT Counseling Games

  • I'm in Charge of Me
  • I'm in Charge of My Anger
  • I'm in Charge of My Worries


Game Components

✎ 60 Scenario Cards in each game (180 SCENARIO CARDS!)

✎ Helper Squad Character Cards: Dr. Positive, Chief Emotions Officer, Coping Captain, Impact Inspector, and Fantastic Fix-It (Ink Friendly & Color)

✎ Answer Slips

✎ Assessments: Skill Pre-Assessment, Exit Slips for skills (5-6 per skill per game)

✎ Data Collection: Game Answer Recording Sheet

✎ Extras: CBT Think-Feel-Act Map with spots for positive corrections and impact

✎ Half page Character Cards for Helper Squad