SMART Goals: Activities to Set Goals, Monitor, and Reflect

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SMART Goals: Activities to Set Goals, Monitor, and Reflect

SKU: 2007441

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  • Grades: 3, 4, 5, and 6
  • File Type: PDF and Google Slides
  • Pages: 60+
  • Made for: Small Groups and The Classroom
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Goal setting breaks down SMART goals so students can go from simple hopes and wishes to clear and achievable goals. Five 15-minute lessons in print and digital that break down the goal setting process into manageable chunks. Perfect for in-person instruction and distance learning.

 The 15-minute lessons are broken into 3 parts: mini-lessons, group/guided activity, and independent activity. You can also condense the lessons if you would like to cover them in fewer days. Packed with student-friendly visuals and handouts. Students will end the week with a clear goal that they are motivated to work on. Happy Goal Setting!

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What You Get

PRINT AND DIGITAL. Digital is available in Google Slides.
  • Five 15-minute class or group lessons filled with activities
    • Students will brainstorm goals, learn about SMART Goals, create their own SMART goal, give each other feedback, and break their goal down into mini-goals.
  • SMART Goal Posters
  • Goal Brainstorming Worksheets
  • SMART Goal Student Display
  • SMART Goal Plan and Self-Reflection Page

All materials in color and black & white

Who Is This For?

This resource is perfect for classroom teachers, school counselors, special education teachers, school psychologists, or other educators looking to help students set and meet goals. Perfect for third through sixth grade, but could easily be adapted for 7th and 8th. The examples provided might be less relevant.

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