Self Regulation Digital Brain Breaks

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When a student is learning, there are a lot of demands on students to stay in control of their behavior, complete their work, focus on instruction, and participate. That’s a lot of self-regulation for young and old students. Students can benefit from strategies that help them do that self-regulation work. Brain breaks a great way to do that in the classroom or at home! These are short, simple digital activities that students can do during transitions, they aren't feeling ready for an activity, and as a regular part of their schedule. 

Brain Breaks should be responsive to a student's behavior. Sometimes you need activities that calm, or activities that energize, or activities that focus.

This resource has those three kinds of brain breaks: Energizing, Calming, and Focusing. Teachers, students, and parents can be more responsive to the kind of support a student need to get back on track.

Some brain breaks are better for groups or two people, and some will work for groups and individuals.

What’s Included?

All activities are presented on Google Slides for distance learning

  • Differentiated Brain Breaks - Energizing, Calming, and Focusing
  • Differentiated Brain Breaks for Groups
  • 4 Extended Focusing Brain Breaks
    • Mystery Bag
    • Alliteration
    • Would You Rather
    • Brain Teasers


This resource is ideal for elementary school staff, particularly classroom teachers and special education teachers. This can also be a great resource for new staff looking for more structure during transitions. This can also be used by parents at home who need some additional supports for distance learning or homeschooling.