Managing Anger: Cognitive Therapy (CBT) School Counseling Game for Anger

Managing Anger: Cognitive Therapy (CBT) School Counseling Game for Anger

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A cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) game for small groups focused on anger management, coping with strong feelings, and teaching CBT strategies.

This game practices key skills for managing anger such as spotting triggers, identifying feelings, challenging negative thinking, using coping skills, and perspective-taking. 

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What's Included?

  • 60 age-typical scenario cards for anger.
  • Brief pre/post assessments to gather data about student skills.
  • Game directions and additional game materials: answer slips, secret envelop label
  • Student answer recording sheet
  • Supplemental CBT think-feel-act map to explore student perspectives further
  • The Helper Squad Character cards and posters. See more about the characters below.

Who Should Buy This?

Perfect for school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers looking for CBT-based counseling materials that grow students' social-emotional skills.


You can use The Helper Squad Counseling Game for Anger as a group counseling game or 1:1 with a student. You can use the game cards as task cards during individual counseling sessions.


The Helper Squad game came to life because I always struggled to find counseling materials that incorporated both CBT and social-emotional learning. I needed materials that were flexible and reusable. Most importantly, I wanted materials that my students connected to and used even when they were struggling. 


  1. Chief Emotion Officer helps us identify how we are feeling, how strong our feelings are, what triggers certain feelings, and when a feeling may get too big to handle.
  2. Doctor Positive helps us change negative thoughts by using facts for our thinking. Realistic, positive thinking is her goal!
  3. Coping Captain helps us use coping strategies when we are overwhelmed. He teaches us ways to calm down and makes sure we prepared when tough situations are ahead.
  4. Impact Inspector helps us understand how our actions affect others. She shows us how to see the situation from other perspectives and see if different choices would have led to a better outcome.
  5. Fantastic Fix-It helps us find ways to solve problems and make a situation better. He helps us apologize and come up with real solutions. 

What Are People Saying?

Such an important skill for everyone, in an easy package for our youngest students!

I used this in an individual counseling session and had great results! I'm always looking for new CBT-based games and this is an excellent resource that I will continue to use in my sessions! Wonderful product, thank you.

Love this resource! Saves planning and so helpful

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