CBT Activities Bundle for Individual and Small Group School Counseling

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Hands-on cognitive behavioral therapy CBT activities for kids to help them understand their feelings, thoughts, and actions. Students will learn to identify negative thinking, change behaviors, and problem solve in individual counseling or group counseling.

What's Included?

5 Packed CBT School Counseling Resources

  • Cognitive Behavioral Worksheets (Print and Digital)
  • Feelings Check-In Activities and Feelings Poster (Print and Digital)
  • Understanding and Identifying Negative Thinking
  • Changing Negative Thoughts Activities (Print and Digital)
  • CBT Problem Solving Maps for School Counseling

Some of what is included in the package

  • Feelings Thermometers and other visuals to scale feelings.
  • Problem Solving Maps to help students understand changes in feelings or thoughts will change how they act.
  • Activities to identify negative thinking and develop a personal plan.
  • Think Feel Act Worksheets for younger students.
  • Automatic negative thought errors in kid-friendly terms.
  • Activities to challenge and replace negative thoughts.
  • Feelings Check-In Activities and Feelings Poster

Who Should Buy This?

This resource is ideal for school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers working with students in individual counseling and small group counseling. You will use these materials again and again as you help students develop positive feelings, thoughts, and actions


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