Calm Down Corner Bundle - Customizable Classroom Tools for Self Regulation

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A calm corner is an essential social-emotional learning tool for every K-3 elementary classroom. If you need to create a space where students can learn to independently manage their feelings and use strategies, this calm corner is it.

The calm down corner is set up to step by step guide students through self-regulation. They identify feelings, choose calming strategies, reflect on how it worked and decided if they are ready to return to learning.

What's Included?

Absolutely everything you need to setup your calm corner in your classroom or office. 

There are four customizable parts of your calm corner: calm corner sign, feelings visuals, calming strategies, and a calm down process poster. Each part is provided in multiple variations so you can make the calm corner work best for your classroom. Components provided in color and black and white.

  • 16+ Signs based on teacher feedback. See preview above for the different names included. Please contact me with any additional requests.
  • Calm Down Steps Poster: This poster shows students the 4-Step Process for calming down.
  • Feelings Posters & Cards: 27 feelings and emotions.
  • Calming Strategy Posters and Cards: 29 calming strategies.
  • Portable Social Narrative Booklet with the steps for the break spot.
  • Suggested Calm Corner Materials List
  • Teacher Guide - Teaching Students to Use the Calm Corner
  • * Calming Strategies Survey
  • * I Need Student Form
  • * Breathing Exercises
  • * Mindful Minutes
  • * Positive Affirmations
  • * Happy Thought Prompts
  • * Drawing Prompts


  • Digital Calm Corner
  • * Calm Corner Lapbook
  • * Calming Strategies Notebook
  • * BUNDLE BONUS - Yoga Cards

* Added August 2021. Please redownload.


  • Interactive Google Slides lead students step by step through calming process.
  • 18 Calming Strategies: Students choose strategies that work for them.
  • Printable PDF checklist of strategies for students to track.


Do you have a specific name for your calm corner?

There are 15+ different names based on teacher feedback.

Do you want students to interact with the materials?

There are options to use velcro with any of the materials so students get hands on.

Want to keep it simple?

There are materials provided with fewer feelings and strategies to support younger students.

Need it in digital?

It is now available in Google Slides.

What emotions are included?

Angry, Sad, Surprised, Happy, Scared, Annoyed, Disappointed, Embarrassed, Excited, Nervous, Furious, Lonely, Silly, Shy, Focused, Curious, Calm, Confused, Strong, Bored, Proud, Confident, Sick, Hot, Hungry, Thirsty, Tired.

What strategies are included?

Draw, Use Calm Box, Ask For More Time, Self Hug, Take a Walk, Relax for 5, Blow Bubbles, Drink Water, Talk About It, Wall Push-Ups, Deep Breaths, Mindful Minute, Counting, Write About It, Listen to Music, Think Happy Thoughts, Read, Snake Breaths, Wave Breaths, Flower Breaths, Rainbow Breaths, Lazy 8 Breaths, Hot Cocoa Breathing, Building Time, Jokes, Use a Calm Bottle, Use a Fidget, Hand Squeezes, Senses Check, Name the Rainbow.

Other Questions?


"The "Take a Break" spot is one of the most-used areas of my classroom. I like that students have to identify their feelings and find a strategy that will help them calm down. If you're thinking of having a cooldown area in your classroom, I would highly recommend this product!"

"I love the visuals that are on this product. My kinders come back to learning with a clear mind after a minute or two in the calm down corner."

"It is convenient and I love items that kids can not only utilize to calm down but are hands on so they can take more ownership of their feelings."

"Why didn't I buy this sooner?! So many options for how to print and use and a great resource. Taught how to use it in a first grade room and students love it!"