Giving Compliments: Social Skills Lesson for Giving Compliments

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Genuine compliments help develop friendships, promote a positive classroom culture, and instill kindness in interactions. In this lesson, students will understand what giving compliments should look like and what it shouldn't look like. The lesson provides scaffolded instruction, practice activities, and opportunities for reflection. The winter theme will help target key social-emotional skills while engaging with students.

This lesson could easily be used for students who need explicit instruction and additional practice with social pragmatics.

What You Get

  • 3-Step Mini-Lesson on Giving Compliments. This mini-lesson provides different options so you can differentiate for your students’ skills and ages. It also provides more activities than would typically be covered within a lesson to help you reinforce skills later and have more choice in the structure of your lesson.
  • 4 Anchor Charts: Compliments are …
  • Compliment a Fictional Character Worksheet and Character Cards
  • Compliment Brainstorm Page
  • Compliment Sort: Snowball Bucket, Snowball Compliments
  • Follow-Up Class Activity Ideas
  • Compliment Sentence Starters
  • Exit Tickets


This resource is forclassroom teachers, school counselors, or other school staff looking to integrate social emotional learning into the classroom. It can be used as a whole group, small group, or individual lesson.