Counseling Termination Activities - Digital and Printable Activities

  • $4.00

Easy to use individual activities for counseling termination. These counseling printables and digital activities are perfect when you are discharging a student, as an end of the year activity, or simply as a reflection activity during the year.

This resource will help students reflect on what they learned in counseling and plan for how to handle future situations on their own.

Digital activities are provided in Google Slides (TM) with variations of the printable activities.

What You Get

The resource includes three core activities you can use leading up to and during your last session with students. These activities can also easily be used throughout counseling and not just during termination.

  • Strategy Backpack or Wallet: Students make either a backpack or a wallet. They complete cards about their strengths, strategies, support system, and other topics that they might have been covered in counseling. Cards can be stored in their strategy pack or strategy wallet. A blank card is provided to add additional topics. Digital slides for each card are included.
  • Power Word Token Keychain or Digital Board: Students create a beaded keychain or digital power word board with a word that symbolizes either their growth in counseling or their future goals.
  • Prevention Plan Mini-Folder: The students reflect on how they will handle situations once they are no longer coming to counseling. They brainstorm what problems might come up, how they can handle them, and who can help them. They create a mini-folder they can take with them. Digital Slides are included where students can brainstorm.

Who Should Buy This?

School counselors, School Psychologists, School Social Workers, and other mental health staff.