Coping Skills Activities and Workbook

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These coping skills activities featuring the Coping Captain are for students in grades 1-4 to help them develop coping strategies, know when and how to use coping skills, and make a plan to handle difficult situations and big feelings.
The resource includes 24 different coping skills broken into four categories: moving strategies, calming strategies, thinking strategies, and distracting strategies. Students can determine the strategies that work best for them and develop a plan to cope with challenging situations.

What You Get

Facilitator Materials

  • Individual Counseling Framework to Teach Coping Strategies
  • Coping Skills Objectives Checklist
  • Student and Teacher Pre/Post Report Form

Student Workbook

  • Identify Strong Feelings
  • Identify Challenging Situations: Is a Storm Coming?
  • 24 Coping Skills Practice Sheets
  • Coping Strategies Checklist
  • Your Coping Strategies: Building Your Ship For Rough Seas
  • Action Plan: Create Your Coping Captain Plan.

Supplemental Materials

  • 27 Coping Strategy Student Cards
  • Coping Captain Sticker Charts & Certificates
  • 27 Posters: Coping Strategy Posters, Coping Captain Posters


This resource is perfect for school counselors, classroom teachers, and other educators looking to teach students coping strategies that they will use. This resource focuses on helping students understand the strategies that work for them and give them plans for when and how to use them.

The Helper Squad

The Helper Squad came to life because I always struggled to find counseling materials that incorporated both CBT and social-emotional learning. I needed materials that were flexible and reusable. Most importantly, I wanted materials that my students connected to and would use when they were struggling. 

Coping Captain helps students use coping strategies when they are overwhelmed. He teaches them ways to calm down and makes sure they prepared when tough situations are ahead.

Meet the rest of The Helper Squad!