Conflict Resolution: 6 Step Problem Solving for the Classroom

  • $4.00

Conflict resolution is a common event in classrooms. Issues between students happen at recess, in the hallway, or outside of school, and come back into the classroom. This step-by-step process to resolve conflicts provides students with a consistent and fair framework. Students will learn key skills such as assertive communication, calming strategies, and problem-solving while they learn to resolve conflicts independently.

What You Get

  • Facilitator Guide with a 3-step lesson plan for small group
  • Problem Solving Steps Poster
  • Posters for Individual Steps
  • Scenarios for some steps to provide students with more practice
  • Problem Solving Step Organizer and Example
  • We Have a Problem to Solve Mini-Book
  • Problem Solver Reminder List


The provided resources are intended for a small group lesson but can be easily used by classroom teachers to set up a Peace Table in their classroom to help students with conflict resolution. Students will need additional support and instruction as they learn some steps and skills. 

This resource is ideal for students in 2nd through 5th grade.

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