Anger Thermometer and Anger Management Activity

  • $2.00

Small group counseling lesson to help students understand their anger better by using an anger thermometer or scale. The resource includes scaffolded anger management activities that anger comes in different intensities. The activities use a weather metaphor to engage students and give them a vocabulary for their anger and the intensity of anger.
This resource has a facilitator guide, anger lesson, group activities, independent student activity, and exit slips.


** There are more materials than will be necessary for one session to provide you with the flexibility to determine what is correct for your students. 

What You Get

  • Facilitator Guide
  • 5-Point Anger Thermometer or Weather Scale. Color and BW
  • Anger Signal Cards. These can also be used as signalers during groups. Color and BW
  • I Feel _________ When ______ Anger Cards
  • Anger Scale Mini-Books
  • Character Stories and accompanying 5-Point Anger Thermometer
  • Individual 5-Point Anger Thermometer
  • Story Paper for Students to write their own stories
  • Exit Slips

Who Should Buy This

Great for school counselors or special education teachers. Perfect for 2nd-3rd grade and with individual students or small groups.