Valentine's Day Activity for Social Emotional Learning - People Who Help Us

  • $2.00

A simple Valentine's Day craft to help students identify the people who help us. Understanding who is in your support system in different settings is a key social emotional skill. Support systems are the people we can go to for help, as well as people we can rely on and talk to. Students will also see how they can help others.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to focus on how we help each other.

What You Get

  • Teacher Guide
  • Print and Cut Headers for Introduction and Discussion
  • Student Activity Anchor Chart
  • Student Valentine's Day Crafts (with craft and worksheet only options)
  • My Helpers Flower
  • My Helpers Heart Bouquet
  • I Can Help Hearts


SEL Standards

  • Self-Awareness: Student demonstrates awareness of external supports
  • K-2: Identifies an adult one can trust.