Daily SEL Activities for the Whole Year & Distance Learning - Growing Bundle

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Social-emotional learning can and should be integrated throughout the day. This growing bundle of 35 SEL topics is each broken down into 5 days to cover one topic over the course of a week. This is a simple way to introduce social-emotional learning to the whole class, small groups, or individual students. 

The Daily SEL activities can be used in person or for distance learning. Cover one SEL topic each week using 10-minute activities over 5 days.

This is a growing bundle. Please read the product description carefully to understand which resources are included and which have not yet been added.

Estimated Final Bundle Value - $85

The price will increase as each set is added.

What Does Each Topic Include?

  • 5 Daily two-page printables or digital activities in Google Classroom for each topic.
  • Each daily activity includes brief information on the topic followed by a think question and exercise.
  • Printables are in color and black & white
  • The digital version is available in Google Slides ™

SELF AWARENESS - SET 1 - Available Now

SELF MANAGEMENT - SET 2  - Available Now

SOCIAL AWARENESS - SET 3 - Available Now


              RESPONSIBLE DECISION MAKING - SET 5 - Release Date 03/01/2021

              • Personal Values
              • Unsafe Situations
              • Cyber Safety
              • Solving Problems
              • Making Decisions
              • Choices and Consequences
              • Common School Problems

              SEL CHOICE BOARDS - SET 1-5 - Completion Date 03/01/2021

              • SEL choice boards provide a fun and engaging way for students to practice learned SEL skills independently.
              • Each SEL Choice Board Set will coordinate with the topics in a Daily SEL Set.

              Who Should Buy This?

              Perfect for classroom teachers, school counselors, and other staff looking for simple and brief SEL activities for distance learning and in-person instruction.