Calming Strategies Notebook for Students

  • $3.00

The calming strategies notebook helps students develop a personalized set of strategies they can use to handle big or uncomfortable feelings. 

Students will try out different strategies and give feedback about what they think will work for them. They then create a calming strategies notebook with their preferred strategies, noting when they think they can use them.

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What's Included?

Notebook is in black and white and color.

29 Calming Strategies: Simple Deep Breaths, Lazy 8 Breaths, Snake Breaths, Wave Breaths, Hot Cocoa Breaths, Flower Breaths, Rainbow Breaths, Building Time, Use a Fidget, Use the Calm Box, Do Hand Squeezes, Use the Calm Bottles, Senses Check, Name the Rainbow, Jokes, Wall Push-Ups, Take a Walk, Listen to Music, Mindful Minutes, Drink Water, Blow Bubbles, Think Happy Thoughts, Draw Counting, Read, Write About It, Take 5 Minutes, Talk About It, Give Yourself a Hug