Calm Corner Interactive Lapbook for Individual Students

  • $3.00

Use this calm corner lap book to provide students with a simple and portable way to identify their feelings and use strategies to help them manage big feelings.

This resource will help you:

  • individualize a calm corner for specific students.
  • have a portable calm corner ready when you need one.
  • reinforce learned calming strategies
  • use repair plans when necessary to help students fix any damage they caused.

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What's Included?

All the materials to assemble a personalized calm file lapbook

  • Cover with place for the student's name
  • Deep Breathing Activity
  • 4 Steps to Calm Down
  • Feelings Chart or Feelings Cards
  • Strategy Cards
  • Tips for Returning to Class or Cctivity
  • Optional Repair Plan

How to Use

The calm process is four simple steps, give or take.

  1. They identify how they are feeling. You can limit the number of feelings to ones that are known and simpler.
  2. They choose a strategy they think will help them feel better or more in charge of their feelings.
  3. Next, they check in on how they are feeling after using the strategy. If they feel calm and ready to learn, they are ready to return to the group. If not, then it is okay to try another strategy. They can try the same one or try a new one. It is important to explain that it is okay to use strategies and check to see how you are feeling multiple times. Each time, the strategy should be helping them feel closer to calm.
  4. Last, students decide if they are ready to return.
  5. There is also an optional repair plan for students to complete with a teacher, counselor, or other adult. Repair plans are useful when the student’s actions caused some sort of damage, harm or hurt. Repair plans are not meant to be a consequence, but rather a way for students to make an earnest attempt to fix something.