Social Emotional Learning Toolkit for the Classroom and Distance Learning

This bundle is a great way to incorporate self-regulation and social-emotional learning into your classroom routines. Additional digital versions have been added to support distance learning. It includes an interactive calm down corner, yoga cards, brain break cards, think sheet & brag sheet, and 18 feelings posters with body language and facial expression.

The Calm Corner comes with multiple variations to fit your classroom. It includes: a step by step calm down process, calming strategy cards & posters, feelings cards, and posters, a break spot social narrative, and suggestions for how to teach students about the break spot. PRINT & DIGITAL

The Yoga Cards are student friendly visuals and descriptions of the positions. Sequences of four poses you can teach the students are included. These are ideal for mindful transitions and calm corners. PRINT & DIGITAL Included

Feelings Activities and Posters. This lesson, activities, and posters are ideal for students who need to build their emotional awareness and self awareness. When paired a mirror, it can help student recognize how their face and body looks when they feel certain emotions. Great for the classroom or therapeutic settings. PRINT & DIGITAL Included.

Reflection Sheets: This trio of reflection sheets are a great balance for each other. One sheet is your standard reflection sheet when students make a bad choice. Also included is a brag sheet when the student makes a good choice and you want them to consider how that happened and the consequences. Last, is a what if map where students can consider the consequences of two different choices.

Brain Breaks: 50+ Activities. Three different self-regulation brain breaks are included: focus, energize, and calm. These will help you add self-regulation activities that are responsive to your students' needs. PRINT & DIGITAL Included.